Lakewood Soils & Compost

Your property and your home is one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime. For this reason and many more we know how important the maintenance and care of your yard is. For example, having the soil to make your grass grow green every year starts with a top quality soil. If you already have soil and need a boost consider adding one of our three compost. With our [#’ of] year’s worth of experience, APC Landscape Supply is experienced and qualified to help with any soil needs

Organic matter is very important to productive soils and healthy plant growth. By incorporating compost it is possible to add life and organic matter to the soil. Adding life to the soil will replicate native soil systems where shrubs, trees, and grasslands thrived without fertilizer or pesticides.

There are many other benefits of using compost. Compost helps sandy soils retain moisture, breaks up clay in heavy soils, adds nutrients, helps improve drainage, reduces erosion, and relieves compaction. It also makes most soils more workable for yearly planting or easy weeding.

How Compost Improves Soil and Water:

  • Improves Soil Structure
  • Supplies slow-release nutrients to plants
  • Holds moisture and reduces erosion
  • Immobilizes and degrades pollutants

Screened Topsoil:

  • A finely screened topsoil that can be used any place that is in need of dirt.

Amended Topsoil:

  • Screened topsoil expertly blended with 30% dairy compost for virtually all of your planting needs

Planters Mix:

  • A custom blended soil and compost formula designed exclusively for your plant and garden areas


  • Compost with a proven track record of performance. A Class I quality compost, is a stabilized organic material that can be used with all plant types and in any type of soil. It enhances overall soil structure.

Class I Compost:

  • This Class I Compost is rich in water absorbing organic matter, while being low in salts. The neutral/low PH helps counter-act & remediate Colorado’s high alkaline soils. Black Tea helps in seed germination when used as a top-dressing.

Class II Compost:

  • This general Class II, 1/4 inch screened cow compost suitable for amending into planting areas.

xCustom Soil Blends:

  • We can custom blend any soils and compost combinations to meet your specifications.

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