Lakewood Fabric & Edging

Are you looking to save time pulling weeds, so you can spend more enjoying your landscape with your family and friends? APC Landscape Supply can help you achieve all of these goals and more by installing a strong weed barrier on your Lakewood property.

There are many advantages to having edging installed to keep your landscape beautiful and in the right place as well as helping you define your yard. Spend more time doing what you want and not picking up!

Having a beautiful property doesn't mean you should spend all your time maintaining it! Let us at APC Landscape Supply help you to keep your Lakewood landscape the envy of the neighborhood with fabric and edging.

Landscaping Fabrics

Our landscape fabric, constructed from polyester fibers, spunbond into a swirling web pattern. This system of construction achieves superior fiber distribution which results in unique weed prevention capabilities, and accounts for its exceptional strength to weight ratio. The natural qualities of polyester provide exceptional ultra violet stability, and unequaled water and air permeability. Without question, this landscape fabric is the most effective weed control fabric on the market today.

Don't Forget Fabric Pins! - Sold in packs of 50 or by the case!

Edging Material

Lawn edging is a great way to separate your lawn from your planting beds or patio. It's both attractive and practical, giving your yard a more manicured look without a great deal of work. Some of the benefits of using edging are keeping your mulch where it belongs, saving you time when trimming and weeding your yard along with providing a good root barrier to prevent lawn from entering beds.


Don't Forget Edging Pins! - Sold in packs of 20 or by the case!

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