Lakewood Decorative Rock & Gravel

Our decorative rock and gravel are offered in various sizes and colors. It can allow beauty with minimal maintenance. Whether it's covering problem soil areas, accenting trees, walkways, grass and fence lines, or conserving areas of water usage. APC's quality rock and gravel selection can help you find the accents needed to build excellence in your project.

When you want a new walkway, driveway, front yard, or Backyard, call APC Landscape Supply to find all the rock and gravel you need to do your project. We specialize in all kinds of river rock and crushed rock whether you want big or small rocks.

Call us or come by our facility to find out what we have in stock!

We Have the Perfect Decorative Rocks for Your Project

We serve the region's top landscapers with a wide selection of decorative rocks. Perfect for xeriscaping, garden paths, edging, and more, you're guaranteed to find the rocks you need for your project. By maintaining a consistent supply of rocks, we've become the first choice for landscapers throughout the region. Local landscapers trust that when they need a specific type of rock or gravel for their clients, we'll have it.

Interested in learning what we have in stock right now? Here are some examples of what we currently supply:

  • White River Rock
  • Tan River Rock
  • 3-6 Multicolor Cobble
  • Colorado Red Rock
  • Tricolor Rock
  • Butter Rock
  • Black Granite
  • Mountain Granite
  • Monzonite Boulders
  • And more!

If you need a specific type of decorative rock or landscaping gravel for a client, give us a call to find out what's in stock right now. Or, simply drop by and check out the selection in person.

Constantly Restocking Landscaping Stones and Gravel

In order to serve our clients better, we regularly restock our inventory. Our huge facility allows us to maintain a selection of stones that other landscaping suppliers simply can't. And landscapers recognize the difference. APC Landscape Supply is more reliable and offers better customer service than local competitors.

Reliable Supplier for Your Decorative Rock and Gravel

We love our clients. Coming from different professional backgrounds, everyone that walks through our doors gets treated with unparalleled customer service. They are the foundation of our business. And they stick around for the long-term for a reason: fantastic customer service and reliable inventory.

Our clients are landscapers, designers, and construction companies who need a reliable supplier for their landscaping projects. If we don't have what you need in stock, we may be able to special order it for you. The best thing to do is ask. We'll be happy to help.

Rock and Gravel Delivery Service Available Upon Request

Because transporting large quantities of rock, stone, and gravel, requires specialized equipment, we offer a delivery service that will conveniently transport your order to a convenient dump site of your choice. We use a tandem that can transport 12 cy or 15 tons per load.

While same-day delivery is possible, we would prefer at least 24 hours advance notice. This will allow us to make the appropriate scheduling arrangements to ensure that your order is delivered on time. Because delivery is a popular choice among our clients, it's best to give us notice. We will quote you on the exact price of the delivery when you make the order.

Finally, please remember that bylaws and some homeowner's associations prohibit dumping on the street. Make sure to double-check the laws and regulations in your area before booking a delivery with us.

Decorative Rock Prices

With a large selection of gorgeous landscaping rocks, we have something for everyone. Our prices range from roughly $52.00 to $120.00 per ton, depending on the type of rock. For a full price list of rocks, gravel, and other landscaping supplies, please see the “Price List” tab right here on the website.

Call Us Now for Landscaping Rocks

At APC Landscape Supply, we understand the specific needs of residents in the Lakewood area and are proud to be serving the community by providing the best in Decorative Rock & Gravel you can be assured that your neighbors will be in awe of your new outdoor space.

If you're in the greater Lakewood area, give us a call today to discuss your landscaping needs for your next project!

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