Golden APC Area Calculators

Figuring the amount of materials needed is always a difficult task.

APC has provided you a coverage chart for the various materials we carry. Feel free to contact APC at 303-279-6683 if you would like help calculating materials for your project.

How To Measure Your Space

Define the areas to be landscaped. Do any needed excavation work and clear the ground of all obstructions, then measure the area to determine your square footage and amount of material needed for the project.

Install edging around borders and between different materials making sure to countersink so the top of the edging will not be higher than the top grade of the finished project.

Install the weed barrier. At this stage it is important to make sure you cover the ground complete. Overlap 3" at the edges and 4" at the joints. Overlap the joints so that water will pass over them and not under. You will only get one chance to do this part properly, so please take your time. We also recommend using fabric staples as you go along to keep the barrier in place.

Install the material in a manner that will allow you to walk across it as you go along, as opposed to walking on the weed barrier. Rake the material out smooth as your work. If using rock, be aware that all rock will have a "quarry powder" or fines when delivered that must be washed down with a hose to clean and enhance it's beauty.

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